Business Services

Getting pertinent and useful information can be a challenge to small business owners without the budget to pay consultants, who may charge hundreds of dollars per hour.  But the information may be crucial to your business success.

Rest easy.  The Village is here to support you (it’s our business mission!).

Need to know how to conduct market research and find out what your customers want?  Let us show you how to do it yourself and save, while still getting to the answers you need.  Want to know the best steps for setting up an exit strategy?  We’ll provide you a document that tells you how.  Interested in incorporating as a worker-owned co-operative instead of a corporation, but don’t know the essential steps?  We will create a ‘how to’ guide for you to get yourself set up, and minimize your legal expenses.
Isn’t the Village great?


See a sample of our Business Services work:   How to Conduct a Needs Assessment & Market Research for your Business

Below is a partial list of the offerings we can help you with.


Once again, we think you’ll find our prices to be shockingly affordable.  We aspire to be “THE” resource for green entrepreneurs, and since our mission is your success, we want to make sure you can afford our services.  All documents we will provide will give you solutions for the business world, viewed through the lens of sustainability.  For example, our communications documentation will show you how to best communicate with appropriate green language, to green stakeholders.


Getting Started:

  • Is Social Entrepreneurship Right for You?
  • Setting Up an Exit Strategy So That the Values of Your Business Outlive Your Tenure as Owner (see Executive Summary here)
  • Create Your Triple Bottom Line Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Goals Statements


  • Effectively Using Press Releases for Your Business (See Executive Summary here)
  • Needs Assessment/Market Research–how to find out who your customers are/will be, and what they want (see Executive Summary)
  • Giving a Dynamite Presentation and Connecting With Your Audience Using Triple Bottom Line Principles
  • Crafting Your Green Business’s ‘Elevator Pitch’ That Will Rise Above the Noise
  • Building a Sustainable Brand Your Customers Will Love–and Remember
  • Social Media–Its Uses and Misuses for Social Enterprises
  • Waste Strategies for Food Service Businesses–Sustainable “To-Go” Options
  • Low Cost Websites
  • Effective Salesmanship–While Maintaining Your Values
  • Marketing Checklist for Sustainable Outlets:  Here’s What You Need to Know About Doing 1) trade shows, 2) networking events, 3) print advertising, 4) radio, 5) TV…….
  • Promoting an Upcoming Sustainability Event Using Public Relations and Social Media
  • Marketing a Green Business, Avoiding Greenwashing, and Understanding the Green Consumer
  • Networking in the Green Business Community

Human Resources:

  • Improving Morale, Productivity and Employee Satisfaction by Engaging Your Employees Around the Triple Bottom Line  (see Executive Summary)
  • Being an Employer in a Socially Responsible Business – Basics of hiring, having, managing, appreciating, compensating, conflict resolutions.
  • Writing a Great Job Description to Find and Hire Talented and Motivated Green Employees


  • Setting up an Advisory Board and Finding Talented Board Members Interested in Sustainability–Why, How, and When
  • Sample Sustainable Procurement Manual
  • Sustainability Checklist (lights, HVAC, plumbing, etc.)
  • Office Space and Carbon-free Commuting – Home Office Pros and Cons, and Solutions for Common Problems



  • Creating a Green Chamber of Commerce for your Area
  • Great web-sites for Green Entrepreneurs
  • Green Business Associations–Which to Join?