What Kind of Green Business Would You Like to Start?

Opportunity is knocking.  Apply within.


With business planning tools for businesses in sustainable food, renewable energy, non-toxic services, eco-friendly retail, ecotourism and more, Green Business Village offers you a wealth of opportunity.


INV=Startup Financial Capital Required (scale from least to most:  $ to $$$$$)
EARN=Earnings Potential (scale from least to most: $ to $$$$$)
TRAIN=Training/Education Required (i.e., do you need to be LEED certified, or have a license to operate heavy machinery?  Scale of Very low to Very high)

Types of green businesses you may choose to begin:

Sustainable Food Retail

  1. Farmer’s Market (INV=$, EARN=$, TRAIN= VERY LOW)
  2. Sustainable Mobile Food Vendor (INV=$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=VERY LOW)
  3. Natural Foods Co-op or Grocer (INV=$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  4. Sustainable Buffet-style Restaurant (INV=$ – $$, EARN=$ – $$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  5. Organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) (INV=$$-$$$$, EARN=$$-$$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  6. Coffee House (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$,  TRAIN=LOW)
  7. Drive-thru Organic Espresso Shop (INV=$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  8. Juice and Smoothie Bar (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  9. Salad Restaurant (INV=$$, EARN=$$$-$$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  10. Healthy Fast Food (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$$-$$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  11. Free-Range, Organic Fresh-Mex Restaurant (INV=$$$, EARN=$$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  12. Raw Food Bar (INV=$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)

Green, Healthy Home and Office Service Businesses

  1. Healthy Residential Housecleaning Service (INV=$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  2. Toxic-free carpet, upholstery, and floor cleaning (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  3. Residential Landscape Maintenance for Lawns and Gardens (INV=$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  4. Organic garden Landscape Design and Installation (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  5. Pool and Spa Cleaning and Maintenance (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  6. Painting Service (INV=$$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  7. Sustainable Property Management (INV=$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=LOW)

Ecotourism and Related Businesses

  1. Ecotour Operator (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  2. Ecotransportation Rental Operation (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  3. Green Bed & Breakfast (INV=$$$-$$$$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=LOW)

Eco-friendly Cleaning Service Businesses

  1. Car Wash (INV=$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  2. Laundromats (INV=$-$$, EARN=$-$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  3. Dry Cleaners (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)

Green, Healthy, and Sustainable Events

  1. Sustainability Showcase & Expo (INV=$-$$, EARN=$-$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  2. Wedding and Event Planner (INV=$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  3. Organic Caterer (INV=$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)

Eco-friendly Manufacturing and Wholesale Production

  1. Biodiesel Co-operative (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  2. Gift Basket Service (INV=$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  3. Organic Farm (INV=$$-$$$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  4. Food Plant Nursery (INV=$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  5. Furniture Manufacturing (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  6. Wholesale Food Manufacturing (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  7. Urban Farming and Permaculture (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=LOW)

Sustainable Personal Services

  1. Fitness Training and Diet Planning (INV=$$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  2. Organic Food Delivery Service (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=LOW)
  3. Sustainable Foods Prep and Cooking Instruction (INV=$, EARN=$-$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  4. Sustainable Travel Planner (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  5. Eco-concierge and Relocation Specialist (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  6. Pedicab Company (INV=$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=LOW)

Eco-friendly Retail Non-food

  1. Green Building Retail Store (INV=$$$-$$$$, EARN=$$$-$$$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  2. Sustainable Flooring Products Store (INV=$$$, EARN=$$$$-$$$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  3. Organic Day Spa (INV=$$-$$$$, EARN=$$$-$$$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  4. Alternative Transportation Retail Store (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  5. Hair Salon (INV=$$, EARN=$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  6. Second-hand Bicycle Store (used products) (INV=$$, EARN=$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  7. Commuter Bike Store (new products) (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  8. Women’s Clothing Consignment Store (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  9. Musical Instrument Consignment Store (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  10. Tools, Hardware, and Garden Consignment Store (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  11. Sporting Goods Consignment Store (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  12. Kids Clothing and Toys Consignment Store (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  13. Furniture Consignment Store (INV=$$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  14. Outdoor Gear Consignment Store (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  15. Used Book Exchange (INV=$-$$, EARN=$-$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  16. Edible and Organic Floristry (INV=$-$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)

Renewable Energy

  1. Community Wind Farm (INV=$$$-$$$$$, EARN=$$$-$$$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)

Eco-friendly Services to Businesses and Non-profits

  1. Independent Sales Company (INV=$, EARN=$$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  2. Restaurant Delivery Service (INV=$-$$$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=MEDIUM)
  3. Specialty Advertising (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)
  4. Energy Efficiency Auditing (INV=$, EARN=$$-$$$, TRAIN=HIGH)

Want to start one of these businesses?  Or perhaps you don’t see what you’re looking for?  Contact us. We’re interested in expanding our repertoire.  Send email to Info@GreenBusinessVillage.com