Sustainable Travel Planner

1. What is a sustainable travel planner?

The concept of this business is similar to travel agents in the traditional sense.  In a nutshell, you help people plan their vacations.  In this business, however, you would guide them to an eco-friendly trip.  It might include some alternative forms of transportation that have lower carbon footprints, more ecotours, human-powered trips like bike touring or backpacking, National Park and other wilderness preserve destinations, and visits to places like Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Iceland that traditionally rank very well in national sustainability indexes.  You have the opportunity to appeal to a growing spirit of sustainable learning too by sending eager learners on adventures on the farm as agri-tourists, or to eco-municipalities where communities adopt sustainable practices from top to bottom. 

2. What required knowledge or skills are necessary?

There are no formal educational or training requirements for this job.  You will need to be organized, a diligent planner, a good ‘people’ person, a terrific listener, an avid traveler, and a gung-ho advocate for sustainable travel principles and sustainable learning (see Sustainable Travel International‘s website for an introduction).

3. How much money is required to start?

$   (on a scale of $ to $$$$$)

4. What is the income potential?

$$-$$$   (on a scale of $ to $$$$$)

5. What is the best location for this business?

Urban (best), semi-urban (very good), suburbs (good), rural (fair/poor).

6.  Three best questions to ask yourself to find out if this business is right for you (if you can answer yes to all three, this business might be for you):

Do you LOVE to travel?
Do you enjoy ecotourism trips, and understand what makes ecotours different than regular tours?
Are you in a position where you can start a business that might take 10-20 hours per week and not pay very much, at least at the beginning?


Interested in starting one in your community? Where do you begin?  What permits do you need?  Who is your target customer?  How do you find them?  What is the best use of your limited advertising dollars?  What’s the best way to attract a great employee or volunteer?  What does an average day look like?  What strategic tips do veteran eco-entrepreneurs suggest for startups like you?

There’s a lot to think about.  Rest easy.  Our mission is to help you succeed, so drop us a line (  We’ll get you a business planning document to get you on your way for ONLY $199!  We also guarantee our work, so if you are not satisfied, you get your money back!*

Take a look at a sample table of contents and a few sample excerpts from similar plans here.   In essence, we’ll provide you the What, When, Where, and How…you provide the Who!

*Subject to the terms of our Licensing Agreement.

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