Green Your Business

While we have an impressive list of potential green startups aspiring entrepreneurs can start, what about those of you who have an existing business?  You may not have the money to pay a sustainability consultant to help you green your existing business, but you want to.

At Green Business Village, we go beyond ‘change your light bulbs’ to what the best way to wash woks is for Chinese resaurants, the best practices for landscape maintenance firms looking to get away from oil & gas, and how to convert from a traditional dry cleaner to a healthy, eco-friendly one.

We do the research for you and provide you with a “How-To” document detailing the best steps you can take to decrease your utility and water expense, convert to zero waste, and create new sources of revenue from sustainable products or service offerings that are directly in line with your existing business.

Own a Burrito Joint?  A car wash?  A pet shop?  Engage us to produce a plan for you that will reduce your costs, reduce your impact, increase your customer and employee loyalty, and put you at the forefront of sustainability in your community.

How much does this cost, you ask?  While our prices will depend somewhat on the nature of your business (and its inherent complexity), our low cost will shock you.  Trust us.

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