The mission of Green Business Village is to help build ‘local, living economies’ by providing solutions for entrepreneurs to help them start and succeed in triple bottom line businesses (People–Planet–Profits), at a price they can afford.  The process is simple:

Drop us a line.

You can start by emailing info [at] greenbusinessvillage.com.  Introduce yourself, what you’re working on, and any challenges or opportunities you want to work on.  As an entrepreneur or business manager interested in sustainability, you’re likely facing some issues around logistics, operations, human resources, sales & marketing, finance…..you’re not alone.  Every entrepreneur runs into these problems.

We will follow up with you and provide a half hour free consult with a member of our team.

We will attempt to get at the root of your problem and identify a potential avenue for solution.

Should you choose to engage us further, we can create a tool for you to help you solve your problem.

By doing this, we are able to achieve economies of scale by helping many entrepreneurs facing similar problems with a handful of tools that we know are effective.  In doing so, we are able to keep our costs amazingly low.  Our toolkit should help you solve 90% of your problem for the cost of less than an hour of consulting with many firms.  See a sampling of our tools on our business services page by browsing the executive summaries available for download there.

If you are a satisfied client, and we think you will be, you can choose to continue with us.

Through an ongoing relationship (retainer) or through the acquisition of other tools that will help you solve other challenges your business faces, you may find our services too good to be true, but it’s simply what we love to do.   There is never any obligation.

Our team:


Scott Cooney (MS, MBA), author of Build a Green Small Business:  Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (McGraw-Hill), is a serial eco-entrepreneur who has started and grown several green startups and consulted others in the creation of theirs.  As Founder of Green Business Village, Scott hopes to catalyze an economic revolution in the small business community.  Scott holds an MBA and a MS from Colorado State University, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and has worked in sustainability consulting for some of the world’s largest….and smallest companies.  A former project manager at global sustainability consulting firm Saatchi & Saatchi S, whose clients included Frito-Lay, Wal-Mart, NBC Universal, Johnson & Johnson and the city of Tallahassee, Scott brings a wealth of experience in implementing sustainability tools on a Fortune 5 scale to the small business community, where his heart truly lies.  Scott is also a dynamic public speaker, including multiple stops on his book tour, giving workshops to aspiring serial entrepreneurs, speaking at the city of San Francisco’s Small Business Week, the Salt Lake City Public Library, Wells Fargo’s Small Business Insight Series, an appearance on Pirate Cat Radio (FM 87.9, Pescadero, CA) and giving the keynote address at the Fall Commencement at Laney Community College.

Eleonora Sharef has broad experience in management consulting working  for McKinsey and Company in New York, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Munich. Her clients have included major retailers, railroad companies, banks and non-profits.   Elli is a graduate of Yale University  and the winner of the 2005 Yale $50,000 Entrepreneurial Competition. She started her own small business in 2003 and is most interested in helping start-up owners transform their dreams into concrete and profitable businesses through fact-based planning and analytical decision-making. After working with Fortune 500 companies for the majority of her career, Elli is looking forward to finally working on her true passion, sustainable entrepreneurship.

Bill Roth is the author of The Green Secret Sauce, sustainability blogger for Entrepreneur.com, and is a green business coach with 20+ years experience.  Previously, Bill was Senior Vice President at Pacific Gas & Electric Energy Services, but like the rest of the team, found a higher calling in helping launch the green economy through coaching sustainable entrepreneurs.

Jodie Emmett de Maciel is a Master’s student at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute in sustainable management.  Jodie has participated in startups in urban permaculture and local food networks.  Jodie grew up on a farm in Michigan where her family owned and operated a cider mill and apple orchard.  After getting a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado, she worked at Cross-Cultural Solutions, an international volunteerism organization, as Director of Program Management.  She has trained in natural building, and has pursued her passion for food through cooperative farming, market businesses and social action.  She is currently awaiting the arrival of her first child.

Josh Kelly (MBA) has over 12 years of business experience. Joshua received his MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University and has consulted with a variety of small businesses from restaurants to theaters, helping them cut costs and green their operations.  He has worked for such diverse companies as the San Francisco Opera, Adina Beverages and Sustainability Consultants Saatchi & Saatchi S.  Josh has also produced live theater.

Interested in joining our team?  Green Business Village is currently seeking 2 hard-working interns.